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Parent coaching & psychotherapy

Parents of younger kids 

Where's my village? I was promised a village to help raise this kid!  


While parenting is one of the most rewarding experiences life offers, it doesn't always feel that way. In fact, it often feels isolating, irritating, and confusing, especially in the early years.  


Through reflection, problem solving, evidence-based practice, and a healthy dose of humour I help parents tackle issues including: 

  • Highly sensitive kids/Superfeelers/Deeply Feeling Kids

  • Tantrums and behavioural issues

  • Anxiety

  • Attachment concerns

  • Parental preference ("not you, only mommy/daddy!")

  • Extended family relationships and "helpful advice"

Parents of adolescents and young adults

It gets easier once they can talk? Yeah, right! 

Adolescence and emerging adulthood bring a host of new challenges, both expected and unexpected. I offer evidence-based practical strategies for reducing conflict, improving and restoring closeness, and parenting young people struggling with:

  • Emotion dysregulation

  • Parent-teen conflict 

  • Life transitions, such as moving away from home

  • Anxiety and low mood

  • Concerns about self-harm or suicidal thoughts

Individual therapy

I also provide general individual therapy to adults around issues not related to parenting, including trouble with low mood and anxiety, life transitions, relationship difficulties, and stress. Please note that I am no longer seeing adolescents directly in my practice as I have shifted my focus to parent work. 

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